Top 10 Best Tripod Quick Release Plates to buy in 2018

Investing in a good release plate is essential but what is more important is to ensure that you invest in one that is durable. The names of the release plates in this list have made a positive mark in the minds of its users and have won their heart. Let us have a look at the 10 names that are worth a mention

Giottos MH 621 Quick Release Adapter

If you like, simplicity and a sliding plate that is not complicated, then this is perfect for you. This comes with a short sliding plate camera mount and is loaded with various kinds of features. The plate can be release easily and is not like your regular plate. The material of the Giottos adapter. This release plate is not what you think it can be, although it has a very simple look, it still offers you all the things that you would need. It also has a video pin, which is easily accessible. With this plate, safety is not a concern.

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Vktech Black Camera 323 release plate

The next in the list is the Vktech Black Camera 323 Release Plate; this is one that is a product, which reflects quality, user ability and sustainability. The plate’s design is not just attractive but also user friendly. Along with the camera, along with it, there is also a 1 /4″ metal screw that helps to ensure that the plate can be released easily. The metal alloy material of the Vktech Black Camera 323 Quick Release Plate gives it a stronger look, feel and sustainability. Camera Quick Release Assembly and Sliding Plate Mount-Black by Neewer BestDealUSA For those on the lookout for a release plate that lives up to its promise of quality and stability, then this is the one for you. A lot of release plates are there in the market, which may cost a bomb but is not worth the investment you make. In this case, it is the opposite. This is not just worth every penny you invest, however, it is easy to hold and lightweight. The best thing about the Camera Quick Release Assembly and Sliding Plate Mount-Black by Neewer BestDealUSA is that you can store it easily without having to worry about anything.

DMKFoto Heavy Duty Ball Head

Multi functional, durable, strong, and lightweight and the ability to rotate 360 degree is what the DMKFoto Heavy Duty Ball Head with Quick Release Plate is all about. The features of this release plate include an attached expert ball head that is easily releasable along with a single lever for easy management. With a weight of around 9 lbs, this is also a release plate that is portable. With so many features that come along with the DMKFoto Heavy Duty Ball Head with Quick Release Plate, this is surely a good option to consider.

200PL-14 Quick Release Plate with Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter

200PL-14 Quick Release Plate with Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter can be easily used with various monopods and tripods. This product offers you the benefit of convenience along with a simple way to operate. It can easily be attached or removed and has a specially designed safety system. Inventing in the Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter with 200PL-14 Quick Release Plate is worth considering if you are a person who knows what he is looking for in a release plate.

Video Quick Release Adapter with Plate

The Video Quick Release Adapter with Plate is ideal or those who take a lot of videos or the people who love to take many photos. The design of this release plate is perfect and fits in easily. It comes only with two screws that are made from good quality material. The color spray that is used in the Video Quick Release Adapter with Plate ensures that the color will never fade out.

Rapid Connect Adapter and Sliding Mounting Plate by Manfrotto 3433PL 577

Rapid Connect Adapter and Sliding Mounting Plate by Manfrotto 3433PL 577 is endurable and inexpensive. Even words can fall short to describe this little beauty. When it is not in use, you can easily remove it and store aside. Similarly, you do not need too much of time to put it back on. The design of this release plate helps to ensure that it can be used easily and is made keeping in mind the heavy usage. For people who want a release plate that sustain regular use easily, this is a nice choice.

Tripod Mounting Plate by Neewer Camera

The Tripod Mounting Plate by Neewer Camera is designed with a pattern and shape that is perfect to get anybody’s

attention. This has a style and functions that are simple and easier to use. The black color of the release plate gives it a very classic and professional look. This mounting plate is also lightweight and small. It is affordable and easy on the pocket.

Swiss Type Quick Release Plate by Fotasy Arca along with a cleaning cloth

The Swiss Type Quick Release Plate by Fotasy Arca along with a cleaning cloth is a product which reflects the name of the brand in every way. Designed to fit into various cameras like Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, Canon etc, this ultra compact release plate is ideal if you can look out for a known and reliable brand, which comes with easier to use features. The cleaning cloth that comes with it ensures that your release plate stays clean.

Quick release plate by Arca-Type

The Quick release plate by Arca-Type is the last name on this list that is worth a mention. It is a brand that is not just known for its quality but also for the fact that it offers a lot of features. With this release, plate you can be sure that you job will become easy. It also has a removable rear stopper and strip slot that is specially designed for the camera. The design of this plate makes it easier to use and stylish to look at. This is also a reason why this release plate is in the list of one of the best one’s you will find in the market today.

Top 10 Best Tripod & Monopod Cases To Buy in 2018

When we think about a case for our monopod and tripod, we look for one that is not just easy to maintain, but also comes with various functions and features. Having a good case is a boon that makes it easy for us to carry anything that we want. Investing in a good quality case means that we can be sure of the fact that we are getting what we need.

There are many factors and features that determine how good a case is. Even the type of material and its strength plays a vital role. When making a list of the best cases for monopods and tripods, it can be a little challenging since there are so many cases in the market. When we look for a case, we look for one that has quality, functionality and gives you all the necessary support you need to carry your monopod or tripod easily.

To make to the 10 list itself is a big thing, however, to be able to live up to the commitment of delivering what is needed is a challenge, which not every company can stand to. In this article, we have given you a list of some the best tripod and monopod cases that you will find in the market. These cases are easily available online on major ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. They also offer a reasonable price that is worth the investment you make for your case. These carrying cases are known for their good looks, features and user ability. Let us have a look at 10 such cases that are known to be the best.

Best Tripod & Monopod Cases  Vidpro Padded Case

Made from a long lasting quality nylon material, there are a lot of benefits this tripod case offers its users. The material is made to ensure that it can sustain the ware and tare of constant use. It also has a special zipper pocket on the exteriors to store items like batteries, cable releases and various other handy accessories.

 Precision Design Carrying Case

If you are looking for an everyday use tripod carrying case is of high quality, then this is a product that is worth giving a thought. The nylon material f this case is made for heavy use. The design of the case does not just have an attractive style but it is also beautiful to look at. It comes with a handle and shoulder strap giving you multiple ways to carry your case.

Eggsnow Zipper Photography Case

Looking for a case that will let you protect your light stand, umbrella, monopod, tripod or any other accessory? If the answer is yes, then this is the ideal for you. The waterproof casing of this bag makes it an all-weatherproof case that you can take even during the snow or rains.

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Manfrotto MBA G70 Tripod Bag

People who have used this bag are all in praises for it. Not only can you close or open it easily, but also it gives your tripod a good support. The carrying handle that comes with this case is comfortable and provides the necessary support you need. This case also comes with a pocket inside to store various accessories and items.

Matin Carrying Case    

If you are in the lookout for a carrying case that you can hold even single handily, then this is meant for you. It comes with a shoulder strap that is removable and a handle giving you the extended support you need. As the company promises in quality, it also comes with a limited warranty.

Carrying case by Sunpack 620-760-AZ

Next in the list of the best carrying cases for tripods that is perfect for daily use. This case is designed for those who travel a lot and are looking out for a case that can be with them through every journey. The material of the case is Black Terylene 600 D that is known to be a very strong material. You can be sure that the items you store in this case will remain secured no matter what.

Best Tripod & Monopod Cases

 Neewer Black Waist Bag Case

Stylish, durable, quality, security, high quality material and lots more, even words are not enough to define this case. The Nylon material used for this case is perfect to ensure that you get the necessary support you need. This case comes with two structures which are present inside Along with that it is also loaded with various other features that enhance the functionality of the case. You can be sure that your monopod or tripod will be secured if it is stored here.

 Vanguard Pro Bag 80

For easy storage of various accessories, monopod or even the tripod, this case is right for you. It is durable, strong as well as comes with a lot of features and functions. The color combination of this case gives it a very different look. It also has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted as per your preference. The zipper closure is designed to ensure that you get the most protection for your monopod or tripod.

Tripod Case by Ruggard Padded

If you have a tripod case that comes with a lot of features and is ideal for regular use, then this is just right for you. This case has an exterior zipper pocket which is 7 inches and the design of this case is done in such a way that you can be sure whatever is stored here will be secured. The Cordura 400D material provides all the necessary support you need for your tripod. It is also a case that is easy to maintain.

Slik Tripod Case

Know to be one of the best cases in the market today, this vinyl case is known for its all-weather resistance. The company is known for its quality product and useful design. This case is also known for its multi functional uses such as a shoulder strap, special pockets for storing various accessories as well a comfortable and easy usability. This is one investment you will never regret.

25 Most Popular Tech YouTube Vloggers

High speed internet and advanced gadgets have given birth to a number of newer trends on the online platform and vlogging seems to be one of them. As known to many of us and also unknown to some vlogging is the newest addition in the field of blogging. It is also a kind of blogging but the difference being that here video is chosen as the main medium and hence the name vlogging (video blogging).


This vlogging has gained tremendous popularity on YouTube, as it happens to be world’s most frequented video sharing website. And if we notice carefully we will find that among the YouTube vloggers two themes are extremely popular – one is fashion and the other is tech. In this article we will concentrate on the second one.

So let’s have a look on the 25 most popular tech YouTube vloggers.

  1. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD): This young tech vlogger is well known in the YouTube platform for his excellent quality videos related to tech reviews.
  2. Austin Evans: This vlog is especially for those looking for information on gaming oriented PCs. However there is information on other tech stuffs as well.
  3. The verge: Besides providing useful tech reviews on different gadgets this vlog also offer latest information in the field of science and technology.
  4. PocketNow: If you are to buy a new smartphone and a bit confused about choosing the right model this vlogging channel can come to your help with its latest updates.
  5. TechSmartt: It is one of the best YouTube vlog in terms of content as well as video quality. It emphasizes on scratch test and drop test of various smartphones.
  6. PCWizKid: This unique vlog is dedicated to offering a close view of what is inside under the hood of your gadget including useful tips and tweaks for the advanced users.
  7. TechnoBuffalo: This vlog supplies updates on newly arrived smartphones in the market with detailed specifications to help an intended buyer take right decision.
  8. CNETTV: This tech vlog is dedicated to news, tutorials, interviews and other things related to latest tech products. It also covers different tech events.
  9. LinusTechTips: This chaneel is all about PCs and their accessories including motherboard, RAM, Hard drives and other small peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, earphones etc.
  10. Newegg TV: This US based computer store through their vlog showcases their product ranges including reviews on different computer hardware.
  11. Android Authority: As evident from the name this tech vlog provides a lot of news and information related to different Android products like smartphones and tablets.
  12. TechTomorrow: This nice tech vlog portrays unboxing of various products in a very entertaining and engaging manner by Eric, a popular tech vlogger.
  13. TimeToLiveCustoms: This vlogging channel offers useful tutorials on building your own computer at home. The videos are often quite long to fit the detailed process.
  14. MiniPCPro: Besides offering various PC reviews as suggested by the name of the blog it also provides updates on different other products like smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and more.
  15. NCIXcom: The vlog of this online computer store offers details on their range of product along with offers and discounts presently available at the store.
  16. TysiPhoneHelp: It mainly talks about Apple’s line of products such as iPhone, iPod, MacBookPro, iPad etc. in great details.
  17. Unbox Therapy: As suggested by the name itself this vlogging channel displays unboxing of consumer goods such as laptops, smartphones, consoles and so on.
  18. TestedCom: This vlog is full of interesting information related to the tech products. The videos are often like podcasts with long duration.
  19. HardwareCanucks: This channel engages a different method of product review in which the reviewer reads out a prewritten script in form of a voice-over when the video shows the product details.
  20. TechCrunch: This tech vlog often features a kind of talk shows where the hosts talk about different tech related issues and their impacts on our life.
  21. CustomPCReview: This is another unboxing vlog dedicated to computer and related peripherals. The videos are mostly lengthy due to the amount of information contained in them.
  22. HiTechLegion: In addition to giving useful PC reviews it also shows how to assemble different parts of a PC to form the complete unit. It is truly very informative.
  23. Mashable: This is also a highly popular tech vlog with unboxing, reviews, tutorials as well as news on different tech products.
  24. SoldierKnowsBest: The vlog, run by Mark Watson, a former soldier, mainly deals with technology and related stuffs with emphasis on Apple’s product.
  25. Chris Pirillo: Chris is one of the best known tech vloggers today with around 144 million views and 200000 subscribers.

25 Most Popular Fashion YouTube Vloggers

Vlogging happens to be one of the most popular phenomena of recent times. It is nothing but a kind of blogging in which video is the dominant medium. This vlogging has also become extremely popular on world’s most coveted video streaming site YouTube.

And among various popular vlogging themes “fashion” is definitely one. As fashion is an indispensable part of our life there is no wonder that this theme will attract a large number of audiences in any field whatsoever.  Naturally it has worked wonder in the vlogging arena as well.

In this current article we will scroll through 25 fashion YouTube vloggers who are presently in vogue.

  1. Michelle Phan : This beautiful fashion vlogger has millions of followers for her fashion videos in which she portrays her exquisitely beautiful dresses and themes in a quite attractive manner.
  2. Nitraa B: This is another extremely popular fashion vlogger known for her famous videos such as “Purple Glitter Smokey Eye” and Orange Copper Makeup Tutorial”.
  3. Samantha & Nic Chapman: This sisters’ duo is a celebrity makeup artist and patronized by some of the Hollywood divas such as Angelina Jolie and Rihanna as would be evident in their video tutorials.
  4. Lisa Eldridge: This is another famous makeup artist who has worked with Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Katy Perry etc. Her video tutorials are extremely useful not only for the beginners but for the professionals as well.
  5. Kandee Johnson: This fashion vlogger is known for her popular videos such as “Red Velvet Lips” and “How to do pin-up girl Makeup” which have successfully set newer fashion trends.
  6. Zoe Sugg (zoella): Zoe is better known for her spot-on makeup techniques as well as a nice bubbly personality as reflected in her video tutorials.
  7. Suzie Bonaldi (Hello October): Through her videos such as “My Winter Skincare Routine” Suzie offers a blend of beauty products and tutorials in a nice way.
  8. Wayne Goss (Goss makeup artist): Wayne’s videos are helpful for those fighting to conceal facial blemishes, contour cheekbones as well as other defects.
  9. Sandi Crystal (Cute polish): With beautiful voice and easy tutorials Sandi’s videos like “Easy Galaxy Nail Art” are great for nail art enthusiasts.
  10. Lynnette Hernandez (By Lynny): Lynnette’s videos like “Green Ombre Eyeshadow” concentrate on beautification of eyes intended for special occasions.
  11. Patrica Bright (BritPopPrincess): Patrica’s encompasses overall beauty basics for hair, eyes, skins etc through her fashion tutorials.
  12. Lily Pebbles: This British vlogger in her popular video “Bathroom Beauty Cabinet Tour” shares her makeup routines along with her views on newly arrived beauty products.
  13. Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends): Being a reputed fashion model, Ruth’s fashion videos are very helpful in several ways for the beauty enthusiasts.
  14. Jen Chae (From head to Toe): Jen’s “Korean Style Makeup Tutorial” is no doubt an enriched resource for fashion and beauty lovers.
  15. Dulce Candy: Candy’s “Red Carpet Glam Tutorial” elaborately displays how to make the best of your existing appearance using proper makeup and hairdos.
  16. Whitney White (Naptural 85): Through her different tutorial videos such as “How to Wash Curly Natural Hair” Whitney offers countless tips on caring textured hair.
  17. BubzBeauty: With her cutie pie makeup look and Irish accent Bubz wins the heart of a countless followers with videos like Ulzzang Makeup for Glasses.
  18. Emma Pickles (EuphoricCreation): Emma’s famous tutorials on costume makeup such as “Disney Princess Were Real” are really worth watching for all fashion lovers.
  19. Cassandra Bankson (Diamonds And Heels): Cassandra came to limelight after the publish of her much acclaimed tutorial named “How to make Killer High Heels Comfortable.”
  20. Sona Gasparian (MakeupBySona): Sona’s “Bridal Makeup Tutorial” is truly a valuable resource for those looking for bright and gorgeous makeup tips for special events.
  21. Andrea Brooks (Andrea’sChoice): Andrea in her “How to Style Curly Hair” presents many hair styling tips to her followers in a very nice friendly way.
  22. Tanya Burr: Tanya’s “How to look Gorgeous for a Night out” offers secrets of attaining a top-notch makeup look before venturing a night out.
  23. Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo): This extremely popular vlogger besides offering fashion tutorials also interacts with her followers directly through question-answer sessions.
  24. Karina Garcio (TheKarinabear): Despite being one of the new comers in the vlogging field, Karina has already gained countless followers through her makeup videos and DIY tutorials.
  25. Aspyn Ovard (Haute Brillance): Aspyn through her popular video “On the Go Hairstyles” offers many useful tips and techniques meant for casual hair styling.

What Cameras and Equipments does Casey Neistat use?

‘Vlogging’ has become a very popular trend in today’s world of limited time. Vlogging or video blogging is an enhanced form of the popular trend of blogging. It, through the upload of videos directly connects with the viewers’ and answer all their queries with the proper showcase of the material about which the video is made.

The minute details provided in the video blogging have made it an increasingly interesting mode of transfer of information. However the trend of video blogging is not an easy aspect to follow. You need to have an accurate idea about the equipments needed for it. Any improper equipment is enough to ruin the whole video, thereby snatching away the number of views.

Due to the use of inappropriate equipment, many growing vloggers are getting lost in the sea of video blogging. This article provides details about the exact equipments that the famous vlogger Casey Neistat uses for his videos, thereby endeavoring to encourage and help the novice to come up with better videos.

Casey Neistat is a famous YouTuber who is not only famous for his video uploads but also known for his directorial and producing skills. Casey, the 36 years old man, is the co-founder of Beme, a social media company known for its app that enables you to share a 4 second unedited video to your friend. He has gained popularity, with his famous short film, ‘i-Pod’s Dirty Secret’.

This film revealed the stark truth about the inability of battery replacement by the i-Pods, produced by the famous company Apple. Later, he produced many videos like the eight episode TV series named ‘Neistat Brothers’ and some short films in the Cannes Film Festival. He also made an official video endorsing the brand Nike.

Like Zoelle, Casey also uploaded a video where he talked about the various cameras and equipments he uses for his videos. He said that he uses three different types of point and shoot cameras.  These cameras contain interchangeable lenses and are smaller and more portable than DSLR cameras. These cameras are the Sony CyberShot RX 100V, Sony a6500 and Canon G7 X.

These cameras are mainly used for daily vlogging. The Sony CyberShot RX100 V is a new and powerful camera, although its size is very small. The camera is considered to have the fastest autofocus quality in the world.

The screen has a feature of getting flipped at about 180 degrees which enables self view. The camera shoots some beautiful 4k video footage. The Sony a6500 is slightly more expensive than the previous one.

It also contains interchangeable lenses with microphones in the front. There are no mirrors in the camera, with no flippant screens also. The microphone quality is great as it records sounds with great precisions. Canon G7 X is a small camera with a capability of HD shooting quality at sixty frames per second. It has a flip screen and is a lot cheaper than the other two.

For shooting some big videos, Casey uses some three different types of cameras. They are mainly Sony a7S II, Canon EOS 70D and Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The Sony camera is mainly used for video shots like project reviews, mail time and builds videos. This camera is very expensive, but the high price is worthy of the features.

The quality of the videos is remarkable having the 5 axis video stabilization and a fast autofocus quality. There is no chance of pixel binning as it has a full-frame format with full pixel read out.

The Canon EOS 70D is his favourite camera for vlogging. This DSLR camera has many remarkable qualities. First of all, external microphones can be attached with the camera for a better sound quality.

The camera has a flip screen and can be mounted on a tripod for better quality videos and stabilization. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is another of Casey’s expensive cameras. The image quality is great, however the price is slightly higher.

If you can afford the price, it is therefore assured that you will get some remarkable quality videos. There are however other types of cameras that Casey uses for more action oriented shots. Since DSLR becomes heavy to carry, he uses these small cameras. These are GoPro Hero 5, GoPole Scenelapse 360 degree Time –Lapse, Samsung Gear 360 and Rico Theta S. The GoPro Hero 5 is a small camera but records some remarkable 4k video shots.

It is also able to do some slow motion video shots. GoPole Scenelapse 360 degree Time –Lapse, enables him to shoot some time lapsing videos. This device results in dynamic time lapses by spinning 360 degrees in 60 minutes. Samsung Gear 360, the lightweight 360 degree video came records some remarkable videos.

It is also water and dust resistant. The tempered glasses on the lens prevent scratches.  Rico Theta S provides a recording facility that can directly upload you tube videos and can be easily transported to the mobile without a computer.

For his DSLR cameras, Casey uses three different types of lenses again. The first is Sony SEL1018 wide-angle Zoom lens. The aperture of this lens is F4. The lens has a built-in Optical SteadyShot, which provides remarkable image stabilization. The minimum focal length is 10mm with a maximum magnification ratio of about 0.1x.

Another type of lens, widely used by him is the Canon EF-S 10-18mm lens. The focal range shows that the lens provides a wide angle zooming facilities. This lens has the built-in Optical image stabilization. The closest focal distance of about 0.72 ft, provides some remarkable shots.

The other lens used by him is the Canon EF-S 10-22mm. The wide focal lens provides some wide angle shoots. The one unique feature of the lens is the manual focus, brought about by turning of a ring. The lens has a very fast autofocus speed also.

Other Equipments

Casey uses Shure VP83 LensHopper Microphone for recording and shooting. This microphone is brilliant in the way that records the sounds with great precision and avoids the uptake of any extra sound. It also possesses immunity towards unwanted sounds from cell phones.

It has an integrated shock mounting system that prevents vibration and mechanical noises. The second type of microphone used by Casey is the VideoMic Pro by Rode. The microphone is very light with a strong uptake of sounds.

There is a wide range of tripods that Casey uses for the placement of his cameras. These tripods are the Joby GorillaPod Focus with ballhead X bundle, which has a bending capability for a versatile angle shots, the others being Joby Ballhead, Drone, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Karma. He uses the Macbook Pro 15.4 inch Touch Bar for editing his videos.


What Cameras and Equipments does Zoella use?

Blogging has become an increasing trend in the progressive world of twenty-first century. In the world with less time and more competition, cosmopolites usually turn to those processes which ensure a quick and easy mode of information. Video blogging or famously known as ‘vlogging’ is yet another increasing trend. With this type of blogging, information reach to the world in an even more easy and authentic manner than blogging or articles.

The video bloggers connect with the people directly and provide information. However for the vlogging to be interesting and charming, proper equipment are extremely needed. In the following article, we will discuss these equipments of one such famous vlogger. This will provide a cue to the inspiring and novice bloggers to try their hands in video blogging safely and accurately.

The famous fashion and beauty youtuber or vlogger Zoella, whose original name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, initially started her career as an interior design apprenticeship. It is only then that she decided to create her own blogging site that revolved around her studies. Though initially she had fewer followers for her site, gradually it started increasing at a very fast rate.

Finally when her blog reached almost 540 million marks, she shifted to make her own youtube channel in 2009. Now, in 2017, she has almost 11million you tube followers and subscribers and counting.

Zoella’s videos are very charming and interesting. The videos made by her seem to come out of the screen and touch the viewers’ hearts. It is not only due to her charming personality, fluent diction and variety that her videos have become famous worldwide but also the equipment she uses.  In a recent video, Zoella has talked in details about the equipment she uses for recording her videos. Let us take a look at the equipments.

Zoella always believed in the authenticity of the work she did. Initially when she just started her career as a blogger, she had nothing with her but a digital camera, with which she used to take pictures or post small videos. However once her popularity increased and she shifted her blogging into the work of video blogging, she altogether upgraded her camera kit.

In the recent video upload about the type of cameras she uses, she has given a detailed description of the types and brands of cameras she uses. She has said that, depending upon the type of video she is making, she uses two different cameras. If the work includes a mere recording of a vlog, she uses the very popular Canon Powershot S120.

The features of this camera, indeed defines her excellent choice. This camera has a fast autofocus system that enhances the sharpness of the video footage. This camera also has an upgraded version of Canon’s HS system that facilitates low light shots without hampering the quality of the video.

It has a built-in Canon 5x lens of the focal length ranging between 24 to 120mm. The lens has a wide angle view and telephoto length perspectives.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

She uses this camera for her beauty and fashion video uploads. This is mainly because; her fashion and beauty videos acquire minute detailing and a greater sound and visual quality. This DSLR camera can be mounted on a tripod and an external microphone can be attached for a greater precision of sounds.

The flip screen enables her to view herself while filming and signals when the camera stops recording. Further this DSLR camera enables her to upload greater quality videos than her point and shoot Canon S120 camera.

With this DSLR camera, she uses two different types of lenses. She says that her first preference is the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens. The focal range enables her to take wide angle views. The quality of the lens is very tough, providing a fast autofocus quality. The lens adopts no extra sound during the act of auto focusing.

Another lens that she uses is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2. The fixed focal length does not provide a zooming facility. But nonetheless its image quality is the best. The lens has an ultra-large aperture with a narrow depth of the field. This means that the focus on the main object is sharp, whereas the background is blurred.

Other Equipments

Zoella uses the Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone, even though her Canon EOS 70d has a built-in microphone. This is mainly because the quality of the DSLR microphone is not as sharp as this one. This audio equipment records every sound with extreme precision while reducing the uptake of the sounds from side and rear.

To position her DSLR camera for a steady video, she uses the lightweight Velbon Videomate 438 Aluminium Tripod. This tripod enables the maximum height of about 5.61ft or 170cm. It is perfect to support any heavy-weight camera.

For lighting purposes, the famous you tuber Zoella uses Manfrotto Spectra Bi-Color LED Flood light. The colour and the temperature of the light can be changed by a simple dial. Zoella uses Macbook Air 13.3 inch for editing her videos and giving them a final touch.


What cameras and equipments does Jon Olsson use?

Vlogging is a new cool these days. Many bloggers are trying to live the trend with their acts of video sharing or vlogging. Podcast, webinars, Facebook lives and YouTube videos are the main aspects of this vlogging industry.

Jon Olsson is one such daily vlogger who is world famous for recording his day to day lifestyle along with drone video footage. This Swedish man stands as a role model for thousands of newbies starting up with their vlogs. In this article we shall let you know about the cameras and the equipment used by Jon Olsson.

Jon Olsson and his cameras

Jon Olsson’s favorite gear being Sony A7s II, this camera features 12.2 megapixels with EXMOR CMOS sensor. It has a fast auto focus with 5 axis image stabilization. This camera takes great 4K videos. It has a great low light performance and the noise does not get disturbing even under high ISO.

It offers a full HD 1920 X 1080 quality video. It is an interchangeable lens camera which makes it more endearing to our daily vlogger, Olsson. This is the world’s first camera to record 4K movie with no pixel readout or pixel binding. Thus, it is mandatory for our camera enthusiast to possess this one.

Customised RED Epic – W 8K camera is another one which records videos in 8 K resolution, 4 x UHD resolutions and 16 xs full HD resolution which can be downsized to 4K.This is quite frequently used by Olsson and his team while making many of his vlogs.

Jon Olsson has a fascination for using several kinds of lens. The most preferred one being a 35 mm f/1.4. It gives a great image performance. It has the maximum aperture off1.4. It works fantastically well with poor light by virtue of its strong suppression of stray light.

Along with this, Jon Olsson is also into using Leica 24 mm f/1.4 Summilux M lens. Olsson chooses to use this lens for close up shots. This wide angle lens adds intensity to the video clip which acquires a great quality on being broadcasted.

A regular follower of Jon Olsson will certainly know that in many of his videos he keeps the main subject in focus thus making the backdrop hazy. He does that with the help of VoigtlanderNokton 50 mm f/1.1. It has a filter size of 58 mm and high shutter speed. This lens is used quite often.

Jon Olsson also uses APO-VarioElmarit SL 90-280 mm f/2.8-4 lens. It has an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/22. The stepping AF motor and linear positioning optical image stabilization of this lens is very efficient. This lens is specially used to shoot subjects that are quite far or in a distance. Its dual internal focus also has the capability to win Olsson’s heart.

However, Jon uses two other cameras to carry on his outdoor shoots that involve a lot of action. One is GoPro Hero session. This camera is certainly chosen for its compactness and waterproof coating. Its design is meant for rough environments. While mounting or boating Jon usually takes resort of this camera.

Another one is GoPro Hero 5 black which records excellent 4K videos. It has single, burst and time lapse modes to work with. This one is chosen for shooting sports video or outdoor activities especially for its smooth video quality with clear audio. It is also very durable to use outside the studio.

As versatile Jon is, his equipments suit him the best. He uses a versatile GoPro 3 way grip tripod that can be used as a tripod, selfie stick or as a grip to record according to his wish. For his GoPro session camera, he has a suction cup to mount the camera to his boats, Ski helmets or cars.

Jon Olsson is a perfectionist when it comes to recording videos. He can never tolerate blurred video footages. In order to avoid any such possibilities, he uses a glidecam HD 2000 handheld stabilizer.

Jon uses Rode videomicPro compact shotgun microphone for an enhanced audio quality. It is lightweight and compact with broadcast recording quality. It has 70 hours of battery duration which makes it all the more alluring.

A video is uploaded only after it is refined and refinished. Advanced editing software shall always be a vloggers’ equipment. For video editing, Jon uses a 13 inch Macbook Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe after effects.

Jon’s popularity and the superb video qualities can all be traced from the investments he had made. He chose the best out of the lot to make his videos. Quality and quantity of his equipments are all reflected from his entertaining videos.


What cameras and equipment does PewDiePie use?

The act of sharing a video story, popularly known as vlogging is a growing trend these days. Podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos have taken vlogging to new records. In this world of vlogging Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is an eminent personality.

Who does not know about this Swedish born YouTube celebrity whose YouTube channel is the most viewed and subscribed channel across the globe. He is an icon for every budding vlogger. This article chiefly aims at educating the upcoming vloggers with the knowledge of what gears does PewDiePie use while making a particular video.

PewDiePie and his cameras

PewDiePie’s gear depends on the agenda of his shooting. Formerly PewDiePie used the Canon XA10 professional camcorder. Canon XA10 features Canon 10 x HD video lens with 8 blade Iris. The camera has a manual focus ring, 64GB internal flash drive and 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor. It uses a Canon DIGIC DV III image processor.

This camera can record 24 hours of HD video. PewDiePie generally used to shoot with this camera for a really high definition video. His comic videos were generally shot with this camera. Recently, he has updated his camera from Canon XA10 to XA30. The 20 X optical zoom of XA30 breeds great videos.

The CMOS image sensor has been updated in this model. It takes 1920 x 1080 HD videos.

PewDiePie also uses webcam. He has also updated his webcam lately. It is a Logitech HD Pro webcam C920. This webcam features full HD glass lens equipped with a marvelous autofocus. It also has a full HD 1080p video calling facility with an excellent HD video recording. The low light correction is automatic.

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There is a built-in dual microphone with noise reduction facility. The videos obtained with it are quite detailed and prominent. PewDiePie uses this webcam for his live streaming since it records in 1080p.

Tripods are very essential while shooting. PewDiePie has to use the best and therefore he uses ZOMEI Q111 55 inch professional aluminum camera tripod. This tripod is made up of aluminum alloy tube and ABS plastic. The leg feet are of soft rubber that can rotate properly and is easily adjustable. The maximum diameter of this tripod can be extended up to 25 mm.

This tripod offers a 360 degree panning with 3- way pan head. All the angles can be set with this tripod. It moves within the height range of 18 inches to 55 inches. It has 4 section legs with center column. All these features make it eligible to be PewDiePie’s vlogging partner.

PewDiePie has got a newer camera ring light. It features 18 inches /48 cm ring fluorescent flash light. The item is equipped with extra-long cords and heavy duty thumb screws. This is a very vital gear to be possessed for a radiant glow in your video. With this light, PewDiePie also uses a video light soft box diffuser- Newer collapsible photography video light soft box diffuser.

This is mainly required for portrait or product photography. This has a beauty dish live design and circular reflections. These two gears combined will surely lead you to PewDiePie’s path.

Rode NTG4 microphone is equipment that PewDiePie can’t do away without. He calls it a “Life Saver”. This microphone is indeed a lifesaver with a bunch of features like high sensitivity, noise control facilities, built in high pass filter and high frequency boost. It also has a digital switching on its body. 150 hours of operation time makes it an apple of PewDiePie’seye. PewDiePie is a huge fan of the Rode NT1 Kit condenser microphone.

This microphone kit takes all the credit for producing the clearest sound in the video. For the “always moving” PewDiePie, Rode PSA1 survival mount becomes a necessity.

When PewDiePie has got some of the best cameras and their equipment, he has to have a great storage. For this, the videos are of high quality and they need an above the average SD card. So he uses SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 SDHC UHS-1 card. This card is said to display a 90 MBPS shooting speed and 90 MBPS transfer speed.

It can capture 4K Ultra high definition videos. It has a fantastic post production workflow and thus PewDiePie considers it to be best for his case.

Video editing softwares are also abstract equipment that makes a video prim and proper. PewDiePie uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC for this action. PewDiePie goes for the latest version of this software for a niche quality of his videos.

That is all with PewDiePie’s cameras and the equipment that come along with it. All these gears make PewDiePie what he is today. PewDiePie makes no compromise with his gears or his videos. All these equipment are specially chosen by him to serve the best. Follow his path and live the experience.


Tips To Get More Comments at YouTube Videos

What good is quantity when you do not where you can improve, what good is quantity when these are just numbers. Just by having subscribers, it is not enough, what is important to get your subscribers to even comment what they feel.

Comments are small versions of feedbacks and reviews, if you read each comment carefully, you will see that there is something hidden behind it. Weather it is negative comments or positive ones, everything matters.

Make quality videos

The type of comments that you get truly reflect what people think about your video and channel. These comments are based on what they have seen and how your viewers feel about it. When you make good quality videos, you will see a gradual increase in the number of people that come to your channel. You will also get to see that list of comments also increase.

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Audience involvement is essential

What good is a channel where they are no involvement of any audience, in order to have a successful channel, you need to ensure that your audience’s involvement is active. Your YouTube channel can be an interactive one if you are in a position to get your audience to interact with you. The involvement of your audience will help to make your channel a stand apart.

End your videos with a question

To get your audience to express what they feel in a very simple manner. At the end of your video, you can say something that can instigate a comment from the view, this could be in the form of a question, getting them to share their feedbacks, write reviews or even give suggestions on what somewhat content they would like to watch.

This will help you to get a better understanding of what your audience are looking out for.

Comment discussions are the best

Another perfectly good way to get your audience to share their thoughts is by starting a comments discussion. Getting your viewers to engage in a discussion on our comments section will actually help to get your viewers to start typing what they feel.

By taking place or creating such a discussion, you are encouraging them to speak out as well as increase the comments on your video channel.

Make sure you respond

Your response plays a vital role on your subscribers and viewers. Responding to your viewers will not just make them feel nice; however, it will also show them that you genuinely value every comment that comes in your list. The more replies and responses you give, the better you are able to connect to your audience.

Take suggestions for any new video that you are planning

Planning a new video regularly can be a tedious task; this is why it is important for you to ensure that you get as much help as possible. There is nothing better than to get the help form your audience. When your audience shares their thoughts, it creates a path for you to understand what people are looking out for.

This will help you to give your audience what they are looking out for.


Ways to Get More Views and Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel


On a monthly basis, many people log on to YouTube for various reasons. This is the main reason why, it is one of the best platforms for anybody who wants to be a vloggers. This is also a good platform to gain some publicity and market your product or service.

Some ways can help you enhance the list of subscribers for your channel.

Here are some of them ways that can help you out.

Organizing your scripts will make a huge difference

It is good to use a script as this will help to you organize your video a lot better. It will also help to give a flow to your video. It also helps to ensure that your video is focused on the content that you want to promote.

Let your content be engaging

Let us face it, the only reason anybody would want to even look at your video is to obtain information or get entertained. The content that you use has to have rich information that will make a difference to your audience. Your content should be easy to understand and at the same time give out the necessary results that you want.

Upload new videos frequently

The more you upload videos, the better it is. It’s very simple, if you want people to actually start increasing in your list, the only way you can do that is by working towards ensuring that you five your viewers something to look out for . By uploading fresh videos which has fresh content regularly, you are actually giving your viewers something new every time they log on to your channel.

Channel customization can make a huge difference

To make a brand on YouTube is easy, however, to make a trusted brand name is challenging, your focus has to be the challenge that comes with making a brand, which is trustworthy. By creating a brand name, you are actually making a difference and effort to be recognized. There are various tools and customizations that you can use in order for this work on out on your favour.

Video thumbnails should be personalized

B customizing your video thumbnails, you are actually making a huge difference in the overall appearance of your video. Just like how it is important to ensure that each content should be different, it is also important to ensure that you customize your video thumbnail accordingly. This will give it a special touch and even give freshness to every video that you upload.

Graphics, animations and other such special touch

By giving your video a special touch, you are actually giving it a beautiful finish. You can use various kinds of animations, graphics and other such interactive and fun effects that can make a huge difference in the way your video turns out to be. This will also help to create an interest in your users.

Interactive videos is another great option to get connected to your audiences., it matters to them as this way it makes them feel that you are reaching out to them.